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Hello again.

I started blogging in 2014 for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, it is due to my horrendous memory. I needed a way to log all of the problems I'd solved that I know I would have to solve again in the future. What better way to do that than in public? What better way to chronicle my growth as a developer than to do it in front of the world wide web? I was embarrassed at times looking at some of the problems I had posted solutions to - namely the ones in WordPress, PHP and jQuery - but it was good to know that these helped other people along their way as well.

I stopped in 2019. Honestly, I was too busy and too happy to feel the need to catalog my work like I had or explain myself through blog posts. As a medium, it wasn't doing the work for me anymore. Instead, I worked harder in my workplaces to share my knowledge to my colleagues in more hands-on ways. I spent more time creating, building, trying, failing, and sometimes succeeding. I regret some of the work I wish I had written down in blog posts, but ultimately there wasn't a lot that I missed.

Last month, I finally decided to delete all of those old blog posts. To be honest, they're pretty archaic now anyways. The solutions weren't particularly useful anymore because the tech I used was on the fringe of being too old to be relevant, but not old enough to stay relevant (hello COBOL!). Beyond that, I've decided I want to use my blog not for solution logging, but rather to express my views about technology, software development, entrepreneurship, and all the pains and pleasures that come with it.

I love creating things - web applications, mobile applications, blogs, songs, videos, work desks, poorly-assembled board games. While I will likely cover a lot of this blog's material in videos on my TypeCasts channel, the written word is as timeless as ever. I look forward to leveraging it once again.

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